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SVAV is a unique company guided by a passion for our work. We not only rent you the equipment, but we can also provide you with the technical staff and knowledge to make sure your meeting, conference or event is a success.

We only work for one entity, and that is you the client. We do not have any affiliations, or any other interests that prevent us from doing what is right for our clients in any situation. The passion that we have for our profession makes itself shown in everything we do.

Sound Vision Audio Visual was founded in 1990 with a mission to provide the finest Audio-Visual service possible for Meetings, Conferences, Conventions and Events in the New England area with excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing. We have two offices in the New England area. One office is in Boston, Massachusetts and one office is in Burlington, Vermont which allows us to cover the entire New England area.

Sound Vision also has a presence in the Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. markets and in addition, Sound Vision Audio Visual also works on the National and International level for some of our clients.

Through the time of our existence, there have been an incredible amount of changes in our industry with a large transition from analog to digital mediums. Sound Vision has been leading the way in many of these changes.

We were one of the first companies to use digital video directly from computers to provide a number of production solutions that still are unmatched to date. In addition we were one of the first companies to develop a wireless PowerPoint server system that allowed us to present over 500 presentations for one group in a week, flawlessly!

Digital Magic
Our newest innovation is the Magic Digital Black Box and Digital Desk system. With the Magic Digital Black Box all we have to do is add speakers, projectors, and screens and your meeting is ready to go. Everything needed is in the Box, always set and ready to use.

For more high end meetings we interface the Magic Digital Black Box with the Digital Desk system with which we then can record multiple tracks of audio and video, edit the audio and video, videoconference, webcast, and almost anything imaginable in a studio environment that we have made mobile.

Our Clients
Our client list reads like a who’s who list in the areas of Politics, Associations and Corporations. We have worked for the White House and politicians of every flavor to include the National Governor’s Association.

We have also worked for ABC, Air Shows, Barnes & Noble, Ben & Jerry’s, CBS, C-Span, Computer Designers International Conference, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Disney, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Forbes, Harvard University, Ice Shows, Iron Mountain (in the cave), Microsoft, Numerous Charities, Oakley, Perrier, Reebok, RFID International Conference, Rockport Shoes, Scott’s and Miracle Grow, Spalding Sports, Timberland, Tango Fest, Toby Keith, Various types of Concerts, WinterX games and too many more to mention.