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Sound Vision Audio Visual can help you plan and execute your next meeting, and we have the abilities to offer one stop shopping for our clients.

Should it be interaction with the property that you have your function at, interaction with other vendors, the equipment needed to present your event, or the ability to provide content for your event, Sound Vision can bring all the details together for you.

We have the knowledge that allows us to understand and find solutions for the facilities and technical issues that arise in every function. We use technology to help us find solutions for many of the meeting issues we work with on a daily basis, and we do this because we enjoy the work we do and are always looking for ways to improve.

Here are some of the services we have recently provided our clients with:

  • General Sessions with presenter on mutiple screens.
  • Presenter being Videoconferenced into the General Session due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Multi break-out rooms with days of intense meetings, new presenter every 10 minutes. Used wireless PowerPoint system designed by Sound Vision.
  • Live webstream out to those that couldn’t make it.
  • Live recording, so that the video of the event can be shown on demand, within an hour after the meeting ends.
  • Provided the Sound and Lights for a band at dinner.
  • Organized a complete Awards Ceremony to go along with the Annual Dinner, including a highlights video of the meeting, after the Annual Meeting.

Contact us  with the details of your next conference and we’d be happy to work together with you to make it a special event.

Sound Vision Audio Visual specializes in Event Production. We can help you design and plan your event from start to finish and work with you or your meeting planner to accomplish this task.

We can supply all needed Audio Visual equipment, to include Lighting, Sound, Video, IMAG, Staging, Set Design and in addition Sound Vision can also produce the Audio, Video, Graphics and 3D images for your event.

Contact us  with the details of your event and we’d be happy to work together with you to make it a special one.

In that special moment when you want everything to go right, you need Sound Vision by your side. We can supply you with Sound Systems, Lighting, Video playback systems and live Video. We can also help you find a band or DJ for your Wedding and in addition provide you with ways to play your own music.

The newest trends in Weddings involve the use of Lighting, starting with a personalized GoBo and Uplighting around the room. Then add some Bliss Lights, or some Mood Effects to give your Wedding that special unique touch. If you want to go all out, then you can add our DJ Lighting and Sound Systems or Concert Style Lighting and Sound Systems.

Contact us  with the details of your wedding and we’d be happy to work together with you to make it a memorable day.

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